TS3 to TS2 Conversion Database (322cdb) wrote,
TS3 to TS2 Conversion Database

Beach Bummin'

Pin Up Pretty
Converted by: bunhead/bunheadsbuns
Ages: all

Maxis Match recolors by: eve513 | voleste
Surf Swept
Converted by: HCove/wildchild111
Ages: child - elder
Comes in Pooklet & Nymphy textures

Pooklet recolors by: Suaper | Trapping
Maxis Match recolors by: vintagecat | voleste | Nymphy | vadie | skoogy
The Take Off
Converted by: Trapping

Maxis Match recolors by: skoogy
Fins Out
converted by: amaryll
ages: all
Male + Female

Old Timey Bathing Suit
converted by: rented-space

AF, TF versions

Hair not converted:
Catch a Wave
Free Spirit

Clothing not converted:
Ahoy Here!
Beady Bikini
Beady Tankini
Linen Leafs Shirt
Linen Leafs Shirt, with Lei!
Tags: !incomplete, !incomplete (nothing-ish) - clothes, !incomplete - hair, ---store sets, -hair, amaryll, bunhead, rented-space, trapping

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