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Katy Perry Sweet Treats
sweets-amovitamsim furniture-amovitamsim assorted-jennisims (Toddler bed version here)

Afro sans decoration
Converted by: Trapping
2 textures: Nouk + EA afro curls

Maxis Match recolors by: HafiseAzale

M2F conversion by: Trapping

Casual Swimsuit (AF)
Converted by: TNW
Sparkle Formal (AF)
Converted by: TNW

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Sadepaivas converted several objects and recolored some existing conversions:

Gumdrop Tree
Candy Sign
Heart Lollipop
Cotton Candy Plant
Lollipop Slide
Lollipop Gym


Sadepaivas also converted the arcade machine as deco:

Extra recolors of Jennisims' conversion of the cotton candy tree:

More conversions by Sadepaivas:

Lollipop Tree

Candy Cane Sign

Cupcake Fence

Peppermint Pole

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