July 18th, 2013


Orphaned Conversions

These items have been converted but are no longer available from their creator. Alternate downloads are provided when possible.

nengi65 [site closed]

  • Look for downloads via leefish here.

  • Bed (double & single, plus recolors) here.

shrubfencing-nengi towertrough-nengi65 logsscarecros-nengi65windmill-nengi65 hay-nengi65 danishmodern2-nengi65 danishmodern1-nengi65 colonialchandelier-nengi65 countrydining-nengi65 brassbed-nengi65

The Ninth Wave @ Sapphire Sims [site closed]

  • TNW has it uploaded to Mediafire via here.


  • Neighborhood deco available here.


snakearmband-marja Re-uploaded by Almighty Hat here

Updates: 18 July 2013

New thing!

You should occasionally (especially on the base game pages) come across an image with a dotted border, like so:
This indicates an item that has been converted before but is no longer available from its creator/wherever it was originally uploaded. Clicking it will take you to the new Orphaned Conversions page, where I've compiled all the affected downloads by creator. When possible, I've noted alternate places to download things.

The purpose of this is to make it clear to downloaders when an object might not be available anymore and to convertors when an object might need to be reconverted.

Right now the affected items are from nengi65 (all or mostly all archived by leefish), littlecat (shared by myself), and The Ninth Wave's Sapphire Sims uploads.