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Brunch at the Old Mill

Jars of Electric Fireflies, Clustered Electric Firefly Jars, Canning Station, Tea Time Table, Butter Churn, Tools of the Trade, Hay Now Cart, Old Mason Jars, Corn Plant, The Old Dried-Up Well, Old Miller Tea Time Tea Set, Shire Gate, Stone-Faced Rock Fence, Rock Steady Fence, Humble Fireside Circle, Stone Steps, Water Wheel, Color Me Chimney Top/Base/Stack

Old Miller Tea Time Tea Set (decorative)

Clustered Electric Firefly Jars, Jars of Electric Fireflies, Pebble Henge, Tools of the Trade, Great Grandma's Butter Churn [functional], Old Miller Tea Time Tea Set, Grandma's Old Mason Jars

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Alexbgd recreated the Old Mill lot:

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