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TS3 to TS2 Conversion Database

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Tutor of Tudors

*Link goes straight to dark_moon's Box download

[In this lot: Tufted Armchair, Head of the Table, Feasting Table]

tutor tudors - zeussims

The Queen's Dress, King's Finest Robes, Squire, The Little Princess
Converted by: rented-space

Recolors by: Meshy (all by cm outfit) |
The Baker's Wife
Converted by: rented-space
Ages: T-E

Items Not Converted:
Reflections by Candlelight
Medieval Loveseat
Champion's Glory
Royal Pavilion
Family Banners
Castle Pew Bench
Heirloom Coffee Table
Great Candelabra
Castle Window
Tudor Column

Clothes Not Converted:
Lady in Waiting
The Archduchess
Fair Maiden
The Castle Cook
The Archduke
Knight of the Realm

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There is another version of the tufted armchair in Zeussims's newest lot (I think it came in there)

Forgot: the same lot also has some other furniture from this set.

Grumble grumble, lots full of nice things... thanks, I'll get it linked here. :)

How do I register to download these
please help me out I can´t figure it out

All of the downloads on this page are accessible without accounts... just click the images to be taken to the source.

Ah, except the top one...you're getting a registration page on that one because that's apparently one of the posts that was lost in Garden of Shadows' recent troubles. Link fixed! Now goes straight to the creator's download.

Edit x3: Oh, and the outfit recolors by Meshy are on Plumbob Keep, which does require registration, and then you have to wait to get an email from them approving you. For that one, just click "Register" underneath the username blank and fill out the form to get that started.

Edited at 2013-12-22 12:50 am (UTC)

ZeusSims Witch's Cove Lot

I think the only files from this set in the lot are the Head of the Table, and Tufted Armchair chairs and the Feasting Table. I made you a preview pic from SimPE here:

Re: ZeusSims Witch's Cove Lot

Ooh, bless your heart! I'd forgotten all about that lot, haha! Thank you!

(Deleted comment)
Dea Ex Machina converted the Fair Maiden dress: http://digitalperversion.net/gardenofshadows/index.php?topic=32988.msg718475#msg718475

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