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TS3 to TS2 Conversion Database

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Orphaned Conversions
These items have been converted but are no longer available from their creator. Alternate downloads are provided when possible.

nengi65 [site closed]

  • Look for downloads via leefish here.

  • Bed (double & single, plus recolors) here.

shrubfencing-nengi towertrough-nengi65 logsscarecros-nengi65windmill-nengi65 hay-nengi65 danishmodern2-nengi65 danishmodern1-nengi65 colonialchandelier-nengi65 countrydining-nengi65 brassbed-nengi65

The Ninth Wave @ Sapphire Sims [site closed]

  • TNW has it uploaded to Mediafire via here.


  • Neighborhood deco available here.


snakearmband-marja Re-uploaded by Almighty Hat here

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Coolio! Thanks for sharing, kaserinae!

Saphiresims stuff were reuploaded by TNW at his site

This page, right? The download link doesn't lead to an actual download page (for me, at least). I left a comment asking about that. Does it work for you?

It works for me, I'm using Win 8 with Google Chrome

Ah! I tried it in Chrome and it worked, then went back over to Firefox, where it worked, too. It was just being slow to fill in the page, I guess? Though I haven't encountered that issue before. Oh well. I guess I'll remove that bit from this page. Hooray!

Thanks for pointing that TNW link out, I did not see it the last time I visited his page. :)

Edited much later to add that Michelle is maintaining TNW's site now and is sharing dead links as she gets them in this post:

Also there is a large 420 MB replacement archive link located on the sidebar of the site for all the dead fileswap links.

Edited at 2015-03-01 12:30 am (UTC)

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