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TS3 to TS2 Conversion Database

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Dragon Valley
Including The Duke of Bows Renaissance Faire & Celtic Lands

DV wisteria - honeywell Ascending Wisteria, Wandering Wisteria, Root of Wisteria, Rising Wisteria, Scaling Wisteria

Ascending Wisteria, Wandering Wisteria, Root of Wisteria, Scaling Wisteria, Rising Wisteria

Bird bath, modified from Circle of Stones fountain

hafiseazale -- New & improved versions of a lot of these are here
Dragon Slayer Heroine, Lizard's Lament Fountain, Protective Pavilion Tent, Belefire End Table, Runefire Chair

DV1 - hafisazaele Jr. Knight's Gym, Lil Dragon Tamer Spring Ride, Song of the Bard chair, Knotted Torch, Well of Wisdom (deco only), Bonded Tapestry, headstones: Reserved for Earl E. Demise; Here lies Myra Mains; Hero's Farewell; Condolence Stone, Circle of Stones Fountain

DV2 - hafiseazale Siren's Call Light, Wooden Weapons Rack, Wake of Harmony picnic table set, Community Grill, Outdoor Lamplight, Meet me Over Meat picnic table set, Lofty Roof Lantern

Well of Wisdom (functional)

DV rabbitholes - hafiseazale Rabbit holes: Sláinte chugat Harmony Hospital, An Lár Civic Center, Horizon Guard post, Drake School of Life and Learning, Garda Police & Military, Miser McCann's Restaurant, Tourney Tents of Champions/Contenders/Novices, World's Theater, Myth, Legend, Lore, and Fact Facility, The Local Grocer, Ubiquitous Unity Day Spa, Mithrilen's Madmen Hideaway, Tome Traders

   Green Dragon, Black Dragon, Red Dragon, Purple Dragon

Simple Roof End, Ornate Roof End, Dragon's Ridge Roof Decor
Lost Ruin pieces, Fantasy Column

DV elven acad - delonarielDrake School of Life and Learning

Red, Green, Purple, & Black Dragon cloned from Pets bird

Protector Pixie Cut
Ages: all

Elven Armor
Converted by: yuxi
Ages: adult

CM conversion by: godlimpingby
Medieval Shoulder Armor
Converted by: rented-space
Ages: C-A
Celtic Simple Dress
Converted by: rented-space

Items not converted:
Renaissance Stair, Fit as a Fiddle Violin, Archer's Gauntlet, Spirited Banners, Daffodil, Renaissance Fence, great hall dining chair and table, sun windows (2), chamber pot, Rugged Receptacle, Barrier Entryway Gate, post box, Ewe's Crossing Bridge, ornate door and arch, Step Right Up Pedestal Sink, stonework fence, trees (3), heather, Flowing Fixture, rabbitholes (Heroes' Passing, Like Minded Individuals, inc,), hair (Tight Bob), clothes (medieval bodice, The Extraordinary Ordinary Kilt, simple linen shirt, Medieval Hooded Top, Fantasy One Strap Dress, Medieval Strapless Dress, Medieval Metal Belt)

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