TS3 to TS2 Conversion Database (322cdb) wrote,
TS3 to TS2 Conversion Database

Sun, Surf, Sand: Island Villa

IslandVilla-HC Sun, Surf, and Sandman double bed, Palm Light ceiling fan, Woven Wicker Trunk, Woven Wicker Baskets*, Sun, Surf and Sand dresser*, Getaway Beach Chair, Exotic Pineapple Light. Seaside Carved Kind-of-a-Curio Curio, Seaside Carved Rack, Bamboozled End Table

*Note: the dresser and wicker baskets overwrite base game objects!

Single version of bed by mustluvcatz

The Ninth Wave Sims
IslandVilla-bed-TNW Double bed with white and green recolors, end table with 2 subsets

Woven Wicker Baskets separated and resized

Items Not Converted:
Arch-way to Paradise
Entrance to Paradise
Tags: !complete (almost), !complete (almost) - objects, ---store sets, --bedroom, -comfort: beds, -deco: wall-hangings, -lighting, -misc: wardrobe, -surfaces, hcove, the ninth wave, veranka

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