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Store items:
... Store set. (Alphabetical, no-pic version.)
... ... CAS-centric sets.
... ... SimPoint Bundle Gifts.
... ... Holiday & Gift sets.
... ... Standalone items (no set).
... ... World.
... ... Special promotions & Branded content.

... Expansion pack.
... ... Mixed sets: Gnomes | Terrain Paint | Wallpapers | Clutter |
... Stuff pack.

...both EA and CC.

Custom Content:

... By original creator.
... 322cdb_cc [last update: 21 Jun 14]

Other games:
... Conversions from The Sims Medieval a m22cdb [last update: 21 Jun 14]
... Conversions from The Sims Stories at s22cdb

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If (when) you see a mistake, leave a comment or send me a message so I can fix it, please! I don't have every TS3 game and creators aren't always explicit where the items were originally included, so some guesswork happens, and sometimes I just make dumb mistakes.

I love how you categorize them by EP/Store. Thanks for making this database!

:) I hope people find it helpful!

Hi - simsecrets sent me here and I'm so glad! Thank you for such a helpful database :D
And did you know about the Simalogue?
It's not complete yet but I like the big clear pics better than the teeny ones at the ts3 wiki. I found a few of the mystery objects there :)

I did not know about it! I'm surprised it didn't come up in some of my searches. I've been resorting to watching YouTube videos of people showing off objects and crossing referencing with matrix54's threads on MTS.

I see you're making good progress, congratulations :-)

While surfing around some Sims 2 sites (looking for something I didn't find), I came upon ATS2 and discovered that there's a pile of clothes in the "Squad Bedroom" that suspiciously looks like the one the Sims occasionally drop on the floor when you have Ambitions and buy them a washing machine.

Then I took a look at ATS3 and sure enough there's the same pile in the "A Slob's Life" bedroom, pointing out that it's a mesh by EA.

I don't know if you want to add this to your list as the creator hasn't explicitly pointed out that it's a Sims 3 conversion, but I thought I'd at least mention it.

Keep up the good work and thank you!

Wow! That's a great catch!

It only matters to me if a creation is explicitly labeled as a conversion inasmuch as it makes it very obvious that it's a conversion without any research. :) SIMcredible's Ventura sets, for example, turned out to be almost 100% conversion but did they mention that anywhere obvious...? Nuh-uh. They're still on the base game page though. :)


First of all, this database is awesome thank you.

Second I found this iron bed :

Oops, sorry I didn't reply here sooner. Thanks for pointing out that page!

The database is absolutely great! I've been busy with looking for hairs lately and I found a couple that haven't been featured here yet (however I know there have been a lot of conversions lately so I hope this list helps you a little. :) )

First, Chazzhay has done some hair conversions here and here. Bunheadbuns also did a few hairs, here and here.

There are also quite some conversions at several TBTO posts. :D HCove's post and Trapping's post. And I did quite a few of those recent 3t2 hairs in this post in MM colours.

Aw, thanks for being so thorough! I actually do have a lot those recorded, I've just been lazy about getting them onto the database. Instead I've been writing them down in an Excel file which I periodically upload. Around 100 hairs have been converted!

I just found this site the other day and it's exactly what I was looking for. It's so useful and an incredible resource for the community.

Thanks so much for the time and effort it takes to maintain and update, I imagine it takes a lot but it's definitely appreciated. Keep up the good work. :)

You're welcome, and thank you for your appreciation. :)

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Brilliant, fantastic!! So much work, so much goodies!
Thank you so much :-)

Re: Thank you, thank you, thank you!


I wanted to tell you that I've deleted the trash piles from my "City Oddities" due to their low quality. I've come to realize that they cannot be as simply converted as normal objects (in the Sims 3 game they're animated and therefore have holes in the textures), and I don't have the ability to improve them.
I took a new picture of the objects and put it in the respective entry. Would you please exchange it on your page as well.

Thank you very much, and sorry for the inconvenience.

Have a nice weekend!

No inconvenience. :) I'll swap it out.

(Deleted comment)
That was already posted to the Supernatural page...? Is there something I'm missing?

(Deleted comment)
I was under the impression that those had been recreated, but come to think of it, it would make a lot more sense if they'd been converted, especially for that table and chair. I'll strike it off the nothing-ish list. Thanks!

A Stories Series Conversion Site?

How about a site for Stories series conversions (i.e. Life Stories, Castaway Stories) I just got Life Stories and I've been converting for it. I know Rebecah and some others have already converted some things from the Stories series. It would certainly help if there was a stories site much like you have the Sims Medieval site, so I could keep track of what's been done before and what hasn't.

Re: A Stories Series Conversion Site?

Hmm. Seems doable. I know there are a number of conversions, but it's a finite quantity. Most of the ones I'm aware of are scattered in a couple threads on MATY. Biggest barrier is (I suspect) the lack of pictures for some of them and some of the older ones.

There's many new store and Supernatural conversions on my site now. More coming soon. I also have a new tag for TS2 - TS3 conversions here:

You missed a conversion on my site I think here - also there's some new ones up.

Tons of Conversions from the new SP

Hey I've been having loads of fun converting all this stuff from the new SP. I'm so into retro, so I just about plotz with joy when I got it.

littlecat's rabbitholes

First of all I'd like to say "THANK YOU!!!!" for such a helpful resourse.

And there is a little problem. :( - the link to the littlecat's rabbitholes leads to nowhere. So I'm wondering is there any possibility to find them?

(so sorry for possible grammatical mistakes - English isn't my native language)

Re: littlecat's rabbitholes

Thanks for pointing that out. Hmm. As far as I can tell, it looks like littlecat deactivated their tumblr. :(

I've uploaded the rabbitholes here. Not sure what their sharing policy is/was, but oh well.

broken blog

a build mode content converted from the base game, the hedge fences, the link to the blog doesn't work, the blog must be down. is there any other site, I can download these particular hedge fences?! thanks!

All or much of nengi's content has been uploaded here by someone. The hedge fences are called "TS3 to TS2 - Shrubbery Fence in 2 Sizes" and should be available for download here.

(Deleted comment)
Got them added in now! :)

Found this Tumblr with a bunch of conversions, Don't think you have these:

Thanks! Got them added in now! Yay new.

Many New Conversions on TNWS

I have a lot of conversions that have been overlooked from TheNinthWaveSims. You can find them all here -

Re: Many New Conversions on TNWS


Woohoo, Muse Luxury can finally go on the Complete list!

Kalliopi Standalone & Buckaneer from Store

Also long lost reach for the heavens plant from zen again has been restored -

Store Items and Base Game -

Also, I believe this was missing in last update -

I know it would be extra work, but why not do a conversion site for Other PC Games - TS2. Sort of like what you did with Medieval and Stories series.

I'm having a hard enough time (apparently) with keeping up the main 322cdb and existing entries... but anyone else who wants to create such a thing has my blessing and endorsement!

Decat has a random mix of item conversions and retextures from TS3 and TS3 cc in the latest July posts:

Also, CrispsandKerosene converted the Business as Usual Bistro objects here:

"Last Venue of Amore" converted objects here:

A tumblr post has all of the TS3 videos converted for TS2 with specialized install instructions:

Dunno what pack this deco conversion is from:

Clutter from unlisted expansions:

ZeusSims 3t2 neighborhood deco:

Serenity Fall has many 3t2 tops here:

Ambitions mirror, audio equipment and spirit jar:

Miner's Hole, Seasons pool lounger and either Generations or Ambitions Desk:

Misty-Fluff is back with Generations seating conversions, paintings, rugs and curtains!:

...and a three-part Mausoleum collection:

Rented Space converted the Bayside bathroom:

Crisps&Kerosene made a functional vampire altar bed here:

EthanMcgregor posted three 3t2 fountains:

Hugelunatic moved some 3to2 conversions from tumblr to S2A:

Twentyfourfirst converted a lamp and a deco laundry set here:

Crisps&Kerosene converted the Seasons snowcone machine and the UL bonfire for a GoS event, here: or

Decat created lots of clutter and some functional items for the GoS secret santa here:

Raynuss remeshed and made the Glauer tree seasons compatible here (original conversion by Zeussims in the witches cove lot):

Hamartia made the TS3 grim reaper's guitar for TS2 at GoS founder's day event:

Hugelunatic posted a 3to2 firealarm at GoS here:

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Sad face

This site won't be updated anymore? :(

Re: Sad face

It doesn't look like it. Sad face indeed.


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